Buying an NFT on Aspen

Now that you've set up all the basics— you can begin utilizing Aspen to transact and manage your NFTs.


Let's start with something simple: buying an NFT on Aspen.


Clicking on the "Buy" tab in the left menu brings you to the marketplace of listed NFTs.




You can use the search bar at the top to find a specific NFT or collection. 




Once a search is returned you can also apply filters to further narrow your results.




Filtered results can be sorted by additional criteria such as price low to high, recently listed, ending soon, etc.




When you've found an NFT you'd like to purchase, click on the 'buy now' option to proceed. Alternatively, you can also make an offer other than the listed price if the owner of the NFT has listed it as "open to offers". If you wish to make an offer, we recommend to contact the user that's listed it first via their social link to negotiate before offering — otherwise you run the risk of wasting gas on an offer that may be rejected.




Clicking 'buy now' launches a detail view of the NFT. You'll need to click 'buy now' once more in order to complete your purchase.




Once this step is complete you'll need to approve the final cost on chain.




Once you've confirmed the cost on chain, you're set. You'll see a 'success' message and the NFT will be placed into your wallet.





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