Making an offer on an NFT

So you've found an NFT you want to purchase but the owner is asking more than you're willing to pay for it. We can help with that. If the NFT has been listed as "Open to Offers" you can negotiate a price with the user and offer an amount other than what it's listed for. 




We've already covered how to search, filter, and sort in our article on Buying an NFT on Aspen. Once you've found an NFT you wish to make an offer on, click the 'make offer' button.




Clicking the 'make offer' button, similar to the 'buy now' button, launches a submenu where you can create your offer.




You'll notice you can create an offer of just ETH, or you can include an NFT (or NFTs) from your portfolio as part of the offer.




If you wish to include an NFT from your portfolio as part of the offer, simply click the 'Browse your NFTs' button and select any you wish to include.




After you've constructed the offer, you'll need to set the duration the offer will be valid for.




Once a duration is set for the offer, the 'make offer' button will turn blue. Click on the now blue 'make offer' button to submit your offer to the counterparty.




Again, as with the 'buy now' option, you'll need to approve the transaction on chain. This step is very similar to the approval given for 'buy now', but there's one important difference to note; when you approve on chain for an offer, nothing you've offered changes hands until the counterparty accepts the terms.




Once you've authorized on chain, you should receive a confirmation screen. This means the offer is live and you're waiting on the counterparty to accept.











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