Listing an NFT for sale

So now that you're familiar with the buying NFTs on Aspen, let's cover how to list NFTs for sale.


To get started: click on the sell tab in the left menu. This will show you all of your currently listed NFTs (unless you don't have any listed, in which case you'll see an empty screen and a prompt to create a new listing). 




Clicking the new listing button will launch a submenu from which you can browse the NFTs in your wallet and select which you'd like to list.




After you select the NFT you'd like to list for sale, you'll be prompted to select the listing type (fixed price, open to offers, p2p). We'll cover open to offers and p2p in separate articles, however in this article, we're going to cover listing an NFT at a set price. To continue, select "fixed price".




Once listing type is selected, you'll need to specify which platform to list on.




Then set the price you're asking for the NFT.




And set the duration for which you wish to list at the selected price.




Now click the "List" button.




As with buying or creating an offer, you'll be prompted to approve on chain.




After you've approved on chain, you'll receive a confirmation the listing is live.




Congratulations, your NFT is now listed for sale.


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