Using the "Sell Now" feature

You already know how to list an NFT for sale on Aspen, but let's say you want to sell an NFT quickly without waiting on someone to come with an offer; how do you do that?

Follow the steps below, it's easier than you'd think!

First navigate to the sell tab and look for the button that says "Sell Now"




This brings up the wallet submenu and displays all of the NFTs you have in the selected wallet. Choose the NFT you wish to sell and click the "Sell Token Now" button on the lower right.




Once you've done this, you'll see a screen displaying the liquidation price from NFTx. You can sell immediately for that price, but before you do be sure to check the price against market averages to get a deal that is suitable for you. If you're satisfied with the price, hit "Sell Token Now" to complete the transaction.




Once you hit the button you'll get a loading screen.




Followed by confirmation of the transaction. That's it! Your NFT has been sold and the funds will deposit into your wallet.




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