Accepting an offer on your NFT

Now that you've learned how to list an NFT for sale, let's cover how to review and accept offers once they're made on your listing. 


From the main site: navigate to the "Your Activity" tab on the left side.

This will bring up a page containing 3 subsections:

  • "Listings"
  • "Offers"
  • "Private Swaps"

Select the "Offers" tab




Once you're in the Offers tab, you'll be able to see and manage all active offers.

To accept an offer, click the "Accept Offer" button; doing so will bring up a submenu on the right hand side that looks similar to this:




Clicking "Accept Bid" will launch your wallet and prompt you to authorize the collection (if you haven't yet done so). Once the collection has been authorized, you'll also need to click "confirm" to formally accept the offer. 




After clicking confirm the transaction will complete and you should see the below message. It's as simple as that!






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