Product Roadmap

Before we dive right into the specifics, what you see today at is just the very usable beginning. Going forward, #NFTsYourWay will largely be determined by the desires of our global web3 community. 

With that said, here’s what you can do on Aspen today:

  • Create your own NFT collection
    If you are interested in creating your own collection, please reach out to us HERE

  • Integrated Portfolio Management 
    Organize NFTs into Custom Folders, access Gallery View for elevated NFT displays, and Flex your NFTs using our Social Share Link

  • Multi-wallet Support
    Connect multiple wallets and view assets across wallets

  • Buy and Sell NFTs
    These transaction types are currently supported for all ETH L1 and Polygon NFTs; many more chains coming soon
  • PSP Swaps + Project Swap Vaults 
    Swap fungible tokens for one or more NFTs via pre-agreement with any user. Access Swap Vaults to execute Swaps with Project Teams and leverage our Counteroffer feature for in-platform deal negotiation 
  • Our Utility Token, $ASPEN
    Earn $ASPEN by performing actions on the platform; more details HERE

Coming soon to Aspen:

  • Support for more chains
  • No code Creator Tools -create your collection from a simple to use interface - no coding or developer needed





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