Product Roadmap

Before we dive right into the specifics, we’d like to double click on how we think about ‘building’ our roadmap and what that means to you: our community. Specifically, we have built the base of Aspen behind closed doors, but going forward, we will build in public.

Which is to say, we are excited to work cooperatively with our community to vote on what should be built, refine and optimize them as beta features, and publish product roadmaps and surveys to refresh the cycle.

In short, what you see today at is just the very usable beginning. Going forward, we want to build your vision of the Ultimate NFT platform together. The goal of that effort is to be the place you go to when you think about your NFTs.


With that said, here’s what you can do on Aspen today:

  • Integrated Portfolio Management for Featured Games
    Stake, unstake and claim P2E assets from our first of many game integrations, Sappy Seals

  • Multi-wallet Support
    Interact on Aspen across multiple wallets; one wallet at a time for now

  • Buy and Sell NFTs
    These transaction types are currently supported for all ETH L1 NFTs; many more chains coming soon

  • P2P Swaps
    Swap fungible tokens for one or more NFTs via pre-agreement with any user

  • Third-Party Market Integration for Featured Games
    Trade integrated P2E assets (Sappy Seals to start) on Opensea and Rarible from the Aspen platform

  • Analytics
    Search for integrated P2E assets (Sappy Seals to start) by rarity. Floor prices, sales histories, and comparison yields per asset are coming (very) soon to our Performance Dashboard

  • Our Utility Token, $ASPEN
    Earn $ASPEN by performing actions on the platform; more details below


Updated May 2022:

Interested in providing feedback on our roadmap, voting for build priority or seeing what other users are recommending? Join us at

Episode One Feature Roadmap Below



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