The Aspen Platform

It’s official; Aspen is in beta!

Before we dive into the specifics, we’d like to double click on how we think about ‘building’ and what that means to you: our community. Specifically, we have built the base of Aspen behind closed doors, but going forward, we will build in public.

Which is to say, we are excited to work cooperatively with our community to vote on what should be built, refine and optimize them as beta features, and publish product roadmaps and surveys to refresh the cycle.

In short, what you see today at is just the very usable beginning. Going forward, we want to build your vision of the Ultimate NFT platform together. The goal of that effort is to be the place you go to when you think about your NFTs.


The Platform

With that said, here’s what you can do on Aspen today:

  • Integrated Portfolio Management for Featured Games
    Stake, unstake and claim P2E assets from our first of many game integrations, Sappy Seals

  • Multi-wallet Support
    Interact on Aspen across multiple wallets; one wallet at a time for now

  • Buy and Sell NFTs
    These transaction types are currently supported for all ETH L1 NFTs; many more chains coming soon

  • P2P Swaps
    Swap fungible tokens for one or more NFTs via pre-agreement with any user

  • Third-Party Market Integration for Featured Games
    Trade integrated P2E assets (Sappy Seals to start) on Opensea and Rarible from the Aspen platform

  • Analytics
    Search for integrated P2E assets (Sappy Seals to start) by rarity. Floor prices, sales histories, and comparison yields per asset are coming (very) soon to our Performance Dashboard

  • Our Utility Token, $ASPEN
    Earn $ASPEN by performing actions on the platform; more details below


In terms of ongoing communications, alongside active Twitter, Discord, and Medium channels, we have embedded three opportunities for community engagement as we embark on the ‘build in public’ journey:

  • Provide roadmap and survey site where our community can vote on features based on your $ASPEN reward tier

  • Weekly Aspen Product Updates every Friday at 2p EST on our Discord server, hosted by our VP of Collectors and Community

  • Quarterly AMAs with our Product Leadership team

Aspen will soon include more games, chains, features, and analytics with the community's support and direction. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities and outcomes of this collective effort.


The Token


In addition to starting our public build process, we are also releasing our utility token $ASPEN. Learn more about that here

$ASPEN operates via a four-tier system: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Users can elevate their tier by performing actions to generate rewards and by purchasing and holding $ASPEN.

The four areas of $ASPEN utility are:

  • Transaction Fee Reduction
  • Rewards per Transaction
  • Advanced Feature Access
  • New Feature Weighting

Higher tiers pay less fees, earn more rewards per action, enjoy access to advanced in-platform features, and have a higher weight in governance decisions.

For example, if you are in the Common tier, your transaction fee for selling any NFT is 1.25%. But, if you are in the Legendary tier, the transaction fee falls to 0.65% – an almost 50% fee reduction.

Note: while Aspen is in beta, the $ASPEN rewards structure is subject to change as we work to deliver maximum utility to token holders.


The Customer


Customer Success is another key strategic priority for us. We’ve assembled an experienced team and deployed robust processes to provide world-class service and support.

Specifically, we have built the Aspen Help Center (, which includes educational material, brand information, step-by-step how-to guides for platform features, and a ticketing system to connect you directly with our Customer Success professionals.

Similar to the Aspen platform itself, this help center will continue to grow, expand and optimize based on user feedback and machine learning to deliver answers and insights to users' most frequent questions and requests. In addition, it serves as an aggregate repository for all Aspen media: press, podcasts, and public appearances. In summary, we will do our best to lead the industry in customer service experience with our help center at the very heart of that effort.


The Why

Finally, and most importantly, it’s important to restate why we even started the journey of building Aspen. You may be wondering, ‘there are many NFT marketplaces with low barriers to entry — why do this in the first place?’ For us, it comes down to one core mission: ensuring the benefits of digital property ownership accrue to the rightful owner — you.

In our view, increasingly complex legal issues are already here for NFTs, but most 1st generation NFT businesses – mainly marketplaces – are simply focused on protecting themselves, not their communities. Our objective is different. We are focused on ensuring your NFT transactions are safe, secure, and legal.

For example, when you want to purchase NFTs today, you select that you have read and accepted the marketplace’s terms of use. However, if you read those terms, you will find that they don’t protect the creator, buyer, or seller. They don’t protect you. They were written to protect the platform and its investors, full stop.

That may sound like it's just a few words moved around, but what it means is that NFT creators cannot create, link, or enforce their terms (whether those are permissive or restrictive) to an NFT. At the same time, buyers and sellers cannot protect themselves if something goes sideways with their transaction (i.e., buy, sell, swap, rent, lend, lease license, etc.).

Would you buy or rent an IRL car, house, or piece of beachfront property without any legal protections or recourse? No. So why are you accepting that for your digital property?

Our point of view is very straightforward: if we want to grow the use of NFTs, we need to actually protect the users of said technologies and then ensure that the users are the ones who truly benefit.

Terms of use is just one domain we plan to address. We are also focused on IP/Copyright issues, Royalty Payment assurance/automation, and alignment of IRL property law with digital property transaction flows.

This is ‘why Aspen’ and how we intend to ensure everyone benefits in a web3 world while simultaneously breaking the stranglehold of rent-seeking web2 platforms where you have no rights and you are the product. We will begin rolling out legal capabilities once the base platform and core transactional flows move out of beta.

With that said, if you’ve been joining our Discord Community calls, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard us get passionate about legal+blockchain. If you’re just discovering us, we invite you to dig into our past interviews with Real Vision, NFTNYC, and the Talkenized podcast.

Thank you to our community for the support in helping us get to this moment. It’s both humbling and exciting. LFG.


Commercial Leadership


Cofounder and CEO | Casey Kuhlman 

Casey Kuhlman is the Chief Executive Officer of Monax Labs, serving in this position since 2014. Before co-founding Monax, Casey was the head of legal information systems at the US Open Data Institute, worked extensively in Africa, is a bestselling author, and was an infantry officer in the US Marines. 

Cofounder and CCO | Jeremy Drane

Jeremy Drane is the Chief Customer Officer of Monax Labs and was one of Monax’s longest-standing advisors before joining the executive team. Jeremy co-founded PwC’s US Blockchain Practice and Nifty’s and helped create and lead Lukka.

VP of Collectors and Community | Dr. Jeremy Williams

Dr. Jeremy Williams is the VP of Community at Monax Labs, responsible for fostering an inclusive, accessible, and engaging environment for the Aspen community. Before joining Monax in 2021, Dr. Jeremy had a long career in education as the CEO of schools. He is also an avid NFT podcaster and top 1% NBA Top Shot Collector.

Director of Creators | Megan Cornelius

Megan Cornelius is the Director of Creators at Monax Labs, responsible for constructing a memorable, seamless, and supportive creator experience. Before joining Monax, Megan helped create exceptional customer experiences and engaged online communities in digital identity and healthcare sectors.

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