NFTeach Episode 068 (A) - An interview with NFTEthics

Advanced Level

In this episode, Dr. Jeremy is joined by NFTethics. Doc crowdsourced the the following questions to be asked of them:


1. Where did the inspiration for this account come from?

2. Why not doxx yourself/yourselves?

3. What is your process for deciding what to come forward and tweet about vs what is unsubstantiated?

4. How do you approach your own bags/not pumping or fudding things you hold? How is that conflict of interests sorted?

5. How do you think people should vet influencers in the space?

6. @KapettaNft was created as an educational project to show how easy it is to rug people? What would your approach to vetting a project be?

7. People want to know how you came to decision to tell ppl not to mint for two weeks. Do you worry you will negatively impact honest projects?

8. If you had to rank the two most egregious unethical behaviors you've witnessed in the space what are they and why?


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