Commercial Leadership

Built by web3 infrastructure studio, Monax Labs, Aspen provides new pathways for individuals and organizations to manage and maximize their digital property by building tools that empower and enhance their NFT experience. Aspen’s robust tech stack delivers an unparalleled collection of enterprise-grade NFT and legal tech tools to empower brands, enterprises, creators, and enthusiasts to engage with NFTs on their own terms — legal or otherwise.

Monax Labs has worked at the intersection of blockchain and legal tech since 2013 and built the world’s first open-source permissioned blockchain.


Meet our Commercial Leadership Team

Casey Kuhlman | CEO

Jeremy Drane | Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Jeremy Williams, Ph. D | VP of Community 

Megan Cornelius | Director of Creators and Causes 

Jaime Antonio "Toño" Rumbea | VP of Business Development & Contracts 

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