Interested in helping to design and test NFT portfolio management capabilities?

As NFTs proliferate, managing your consolidated portfolio is becoming increasingly difficult..with your help we want that to change.

What are we asking and why should you help?

  • Specifically, we will be working with a select group of power users to interview and test our new portfolio management capability
  • The program timeline is to onboard/interview power users in May and then to test features in June/July 2022
  • Users will have a hand in helping to shape Aspen’s portfolio management capabilities for the entire ecosystem and will be compensated in $ASPEN for doing so
  • NDAs will be required

Thank you for considering working with us. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below; we look forward to connecting directly!


Next steps: After you fill out the questionnaire someone from Aspen will be in touch asap.

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