NFTs and Social Media

Warning: Aspen will NEVER ask you for your private account information. Do not share this with any person or site, or you could lose access to your wallet, or have your digital assets moved out of your wallet by an attacker. 

Stay Alert on Discord and Twitter

Please ensure you are only interacting with Aspen on our verified Discord server ( and our official Aspen Twitter account (@aspenft)

Discord and Twitter platforms provide virtual community for NFT collectors, creators and enthusiasts. Unfortunately, these platforms are also home to a number of  NFT scams and bad actors. Please be vigilant about protecting your private information.

Here's a few of our tips on staying safe:

  • If it appears too good to be true, it likely is
  • Do not respond to Twitter or Discord DMs about NFT projects or opportunities
  • Verify that all information being shared with you is correct, aka DYOR
  • Legitimate projects and platforms will NEVER DM you or request your personal information.
  • If you're beginning a conversation with somebody new — ensure that you’re interacting with a verified NFT collector or creator. To check if you are on the official Discord server for an NFT project, visit the creator's verified Twitter page or website to confirm if the same link to their Discord server is featured there.
  • If the Discord server you are accessing is not highlighted on the creators Twitter page or website, you should be cautious about using it.

HERE is Discord's Trust and Safety Center

HERE is Twitter's Safety and Security Center

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