NFT Phishing Scams and Impersonators

Phishing is a type of fraud where a bad actor assumes or replicates the identity of a reputable or known person, company, or project in an attempt to extract personal information from their contacts that can be used to commit identity theft or steal funds.

Email, Twitter, Discord and other communication platforms are places where phishing attempts are most likely to occur. These actors may also use fake website URLs to trick people into submitting personal information like a password that can be used to steal funds.

Always verify that you are on the correct website before entering personal information or approving connection to a smart contract or DApp. Additionally, be mindful of unsolicited messages and pay close attention to the sending wallet address. If the sender claims to be someone you know but the message seems strange, do not respond or click on any links shared. Reach out to the real person via another means to first confirm if they sent the message before proceeding further.

Posting support questions on public platforms like Twitter or Discord could attract impersonators pretending to work for Aspen. If you need to get in contact with us, we recommend submitting a ticket directly within this help center.

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