Metasync: The 3 Tier One Problems for NFT's | CEO of Aspen NFT Casey Kuhlman (#16)

Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax Labs (home of Aspen) talks with the team from Metasync about the massive growth of NFT's, the hesitancy from gamers, the three tier one problems that NFT's face right now, and how Aspen NFT will solve those main problems.

Topics in this episode:
00:00 - Introduction
01:45 - Aspen NFT, what is it?
03:20 - Where is Web 3 and NFTs going?
09:34 - The MASSIVE Growth of NFT's
16:05 - Tension between gamers and NFT Space
22:20 - MAIN PROBLEMS FACING NFT'S and how to solve it
34:40 - Ownership vs. Possession of NFT's & Solutions


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